Our answer, is "For some, Why Not?" Located in the heart of Central America, Nicaragua is a country with spectacular lakes, towering volcanoes, friendly people and legendary towns filled with cultural richness. The country beckons retirees to come and see all it has to offer. Some foreign retirees have already gotten wind of the country’s potential. An article in USA Today stated that may American retirees currently call Nicaragua their home. Nicaragua is not just for retirees, but for those people wanting to change their present situations, including burnt-out baby boomers, those tired of dead-end jobs or the rat race. Nicaragua seems fits the bill for people of all ages on a budget looking for a an alternative way of life.

After the region's leading retirement destination is Costa Rica, Nicaragua has become the "low-cost" place where Americans retire overseas. The country mainly appeals to retirees who cannot afford to live in Costa Rica, since the cost of living is lower in Nicaragua. It just may be the perfect spot for those who are trying to stretch their small Social Security checks.

For almost 20 years I have conducted  award-winning retirement/relocation tours to Costa Rica and personally have helped 1000s of people successfully relocate there. On special request I also do retirement tours in Nicaragua.  My associates and I can take care of the specific needs of those who are seriously thinking of moving to Nicaragua and wish to take a retirement tour instead of trying to investigate this country by themselves.  I have written popular books about retirement in Nicaragua and am considered by many to be "the expert and pioneer" on the subject of retirement tours in Central America for the last 35 years.


Nicaragua Retirement Tours

With a guided retirement tour, you are assured of seeing the areas of the country in which most expats would like to settle, and are given information about the advantages and disadvantages of living in each area.  This knowledge is often difficult assess without being able to ask questions of someone who can give you accurate and unbiased information. 

The start of your tour will be in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, after you arrive from the airport.  Although Managua has the advantage of being close to medical services and shopping, many expats choose not live in a city, but prefer the countryside.  From Managua, over the next few days, the tour will continue to Montelimar Beach Resort, the beautiful colonial city of Granada, which has a growing baby boomer expat population, then La Laguna de Apoyo, a smaller local village. 

No retirement tour would be complete without a trip to some National Park sites, and the Masaya volcano is one of the more spectacular.  Trips to different islands within Lake Nicaragua show a different, more isolated retirement lifestyle that some would appreciate.  All in all, you'll have the most complete and informative time in determining if you are a candidate for retirement in Nicaragua if you take a Christopher Howard's retirement tour of this rapidly advancing society offering great opportunities for those that wish to retire and conserve money.

But, for those who also want to check out Costa Rica, the region's number one retirement spot, click on the banner below: